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After many years of searching for the best possible food to feed our dogs, we thoroughly recommend using Performadog Ultra Premium.

There is a two-part technology that Performadog and iPurr Cat food use that promotes health, good looks, happiness and solves up to 90% of allergic responses in pets. The remaining 10% are sadly genetic disorders and can be challenging to manage.

Did you know that your pets digestive tract is home to millions of bacteria, viruses and fungi? Together, these organisms make up the microbiome.

Many ingredients in our society, antibiotics and stress cause a loss in species persity within the microbiome, which is the precursor to allergies, gut sensitivities and a strangely a range of mood and behavioural problems.

The Performadog and iPurr advanced technology demand specific, natural ingredients be combined at stringent levels to match nature to promote species health and persity in the microbiome. We call this functional nutrition, and it is the first step to excellent health.

Did you know that your pets genetic blueprint demands essential nutrients to be used in the body at levels that are proportional to the rate at which your pet burns energy? Energy consumption is necessary for life, growth, exercise and play. The science of understanding this relationship is called nutrient ramping.

The Performadog and iPurr advanced technology demand essential nutrients extracted from these natural ingredients, be arranged in precise ratios to deliver a nutrient combination that matches your pet's genetic and physiological needs. Satisfying these genetic nutrition needs is the second and final step to fantastic health, happiness and longevity.

We trust that your dog will thrive on Performadog and iPurr Ultra-Premium.

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